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logo_istweDear Partners!

We invite you to take part in the International specialized exhibition of energy-saving equipment and alternative energy sources “ISTWE”, which will be held in Kyiv at  International Exhibition Centre, Ltd 

February 13-14, 2020.

International specialized exhibition “ISTWE” is supported by National academy of agricultural sciences of Ukraine.

International specialized exhibition of energy-saving equipment and alternative energy sources “ISTWE” is an exclusive professional event for participants of energy-saving equipment market, scientific developments and modern production technologies; electrical, thermal and mechanical energy usage of alternative, renewable energy sources, which include solar energy, wind, geothermal, wave and tidal power, hydro, biomass, natural gas from organic waste, gas stations, sewerage, biogas, and secondary energy sources (blast, cokeovengas,methane gas drainage of coal mines,waste conversion process energy potential).


– energy-saving equipment;

– alternative equipment;

– technologies and equipment for heating and water supply;

– hydropower – units, installations, appliances, power plants;

– engineering services, energy audit, energy management, etc.;

– wind energy – windfarms;

– wind power stations, windmills, wind turbines, wind generators;

– solar energy; solar energy, solar industry,

– solar power plants, products and solutions for solar energy  integration;

– biomass energy;

– biogas plants and equipment;

– biodiesel plants and equipment;

– meteorological equipment.

Within the business program of International specialized exhibition “ISTWE” there will be considered the most pressing issues of energy sources related to the newest technologies that increase profitability, improve quality control of output products. Discussions will be held with participation of domestic and foreign experts of energy sector.
Each participant has a unique opportunity to meet scientists, entrepreneurs, producers and consumers; to conclude new contracts and expand sales market. All participants of International specialized exhibition “ISTWE” can participate and make a presentation at scientific-practical seminar. Don’t miss an opportunity to express yourself and your products.

You are always welcome as a participant, guest and a partner of International specialized exhibition “ISTWE”, which will be held in Kyiv at  International Exhibition Centre, Ltd, on February 13-14, 2020.


How to participate? Please, fill up a form!


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