Participation сonditions

1. Organizer

JV “Agroinkom”

Tel./Fax: +380 44 593 19 01 


2. Location

3. Installation works and Exhibitors check-in

Installation works are carried out on 20-21 September, 2022

Installation of stands using foreign contracting organizations or using own resources of Exhibitors begins on 20 September, 2022 , at 16 p.m.

Exhibitors check-in begins on 20 September, 2022, to 21 p.m.

4. Loading operations

Organizer does not carry out the loading and unloading operations and does not provide the Exhibitors with technical unloading equipment and loaders. Exhibitor can perform these tasks independently or involve specialized companies. To perform lifting operations within the territory of  NC “Expocenter of Ukraine” any foreign specialized company have to get through accreditation in the venue. Organizer is not liable for any damages or disappearance of any exhibit items during lifting operations, regardless of who realize these operations. Check-in of the road transport into the Exhibition Hall after installation’ commencement is not allowed.

5. Exhibition period

Exhibition runs on 21-22 September, 2022

21-22 September, 2022 : from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

22 September, 2022 : from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

6. Security

Stands of Exhibitors with available property could be taken under protection and disarmed according to the following terms:

20 September, 2022 – stands are taken under protection from 21 p.m.;

21-22 September, 2022 – Exhibition Hall is disarmed at 9 a.m. Security system will be activated at 6 p.m.;

22 September, 2022  Exhibition Hall is disarmed at 9 a.m.

Individual security of Exhibitors’ stands is possible only in case of such service ordering, but not later than 15 days before Exhibition Opening. Payment for this service is possible only before the start of Exhibition.

7. Demolition works and departure of Exhibitors

Exhibitors can check-out on 22 September, 2022, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., according to “Permission to leave”, signed by Organizer.

Demolition of stands is carried out on 22 September, 2022, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

In case, when Exhibitor failed to pick up own property till 9 p.m. 22 September, 2022, it will be transferred to the warehouse. Furthermore Organizer is not responsible for integrity and safety of Exhibitor’s property. Return of the Exhibitor’s property from the warehouse is possible only after payment of the storage costs.

8. General  builder of Exhibition 

General Builder of Exhibition is representative office of Exposition Center “NAUKA” . Other companies, involved into Exhibition stands construction, as well as Exhibitors who realize installation works using their own resources, need accreditation of Exhibition Center International Exhibition Centre, Ltd. For more information on accreditation, please use the following Tel.:+38 (050) 414-9554 and E-mail:

9. Payment for Exhibition participation 

Exhibitor is obliged to pay the participation fee within the period specified in Agreement. In the case of non-receipt of payment from the Exhibitor, Organizer has a right to not issue the “Permission to leave”. All bills for additional services and activities from the side of Organizer at the check-in day or during the Exhibition should be paid until the last day of Exhibition, unless otherwise provided by the terms of Agreement. If the Exhibitor does not pay for additional services, Organizer reserves the right not to provide the Exhibitor with a “Permission to leave”.

10. Rent of an equipped Exhibition area (from 12 m2)

Cost of Exhibition area rent, regardless of its size, includes: exhibit area, installation and demolition of envelopment, 1 electrical outlet (220V, 50Hz, 1kW), 1 table, 2 chairs, header on the fascia up to 15 printed characters, wastebasket, 1 spot-lamp, carpeted floor (whole carpet floor color of Exhibition defines Organizer), all-night stand security, cleaning of passages, general lighting of showroom.

Building-up of standard stand, connection of utility network and communications, filling of stand with furniture and equipment is performed according to technical plan («Form 1»), received from Exhibitor. Exhibitor have to confirm his stand plan with seal and signature of designated person and give it to Organizer, no later than 30 days before beginning of installation works. Any subsequent changes at the stand’s plan will be hold as unplanned changes in technical requirements. In this case the work costs increases by 20%.

Technical plan of the stand have to contain the following information: total stand area, number of furniture and equipment, inscription on “fascia”, color and index of the Oracle (if Exhibitor orders related works), carpet color (if Exhibitor does not agree to the corporate color of Exhibition), connection diagram of electrics, stand lighting scheme, number of receptacles, their power and operating voltage, Internet connection, telephone and other communications connections. If necessary, in technical plan should be indicated the platforms, that are to be strengthened. Organizer is not liable for damages due to breakage of exhibit platforms or showcases, if they were not ordered as “strengthen”. Maximal load on unstrengthen platform – 15 kg, on the showcase – 2 kg.

If necessary, Organizer can provide Exhibitor with a standard stand to 6m2. In this case, complete equipment is bespoke separately by contracting parties.

In order to preserve exposition integrity, to compliance with standards and requirements to exhibition activities as well in order to comply the general Exhibition ideology, Organizer has a right to postpone the Exhibitor’s stand of total area to 12 m2 without prior agreement with Exhibitor. In this case, however, Organizer has to inform Exhibitor about these changes.

Organizer provides Exhibitor with ordered furniture, equipment and services within its competence and according to their availability.

If Exhibitor does not provide the Organizer with an installation’s plan within the period, mentioned above, Organizer has a right to arrange it with a standard set of furniture and equipment. In this case the reclamations of Exhibitor will not be accepted. Possible restructuring of stands, additional furniture and equipment are to be paid separately. Exhibitorisfullyliableforsafetyofrentedproperty. In case of loss or damage the Exhibitor have to pay to Organizer a penalty equal to 100% of loss or damaged property cost.

For the last day of installation works the Exhibitor have to provide a responsible person to accept the stand. If stand is out of technical plan character, received from Exhibitor, Organizer have to rework the stand for own expenses in accordance with given technical plan. If stand meets obtained from Exhibitor technical plan, but Exhibitor’s representative requires stand’s revision, the Exhibitor pays to Organizer an additional sum in UAH at the rate of 50 EUR (according to exchange rate at the day of payment) for each square meter of refined stand. Restructuring works are carried out during the next 24 hours. In the case of refusal to pay for restructuring works such service is not executed.

Orders for equipment and services providing during exhibits delivery are executed only when it is technically possible. Equipment and services orders provided to 4 p.m. are carried out on the next day from 9 a.m.

Payments for additional equipment and services, ordered by Exhibitor on arrival day or during Exhibition days, are carried out for double tariff, according to invoices received from Organizer.

Exhibitor is obliged to use the Exhibition equipment for its intended purpose and in accordance with work instructions. In case of any defects detecting Exhibitor have to inform Organizer about it.

At the end of Exhibition Exhibitor is obliged to devolve stand to Organizer in acceptable conditions, without posters’ scraps, films, glue and adhesive on the wall panels and furniture. In case of Exhibition equipment, furniture and wall panels damage, Exhibitor have to pay the costs, according to invoices of Organizer.

Organizer confirms stand acceptance signing “Permission to leave”.

11. Rent of unequipped Exhibition area (from 12 m2)

In case of unequipped Exhibition area order, Organizer provide: ordered exhibit area, all-night stand security, cleaning of passages and general lighting of showroom. If necessary, Organizer provides Exhibitor with carpet, engineering and other additional services. Such services have to be paid by Exhibitor separately, according to price-list for additional equipment and services.

If Exhibitor orders stand installation from outside contractor, Organizer does not provide additional equipment and furniture. If Exhibitor invites outside contractor for stand installation, he is obliged to inform Organizer about it as well to ensure the Agreement signing between contractor and Administration of Exhibition Center. Otherwise, Organizer does not allow the contractor to carry out this works.

In case of stand’s self-installation, Exhibitor is obliged to sign an Agreement with Administration of Exhibition Center. Exhibitor is exempt from Agreement signing if it does not perform any installation works, and only allocate own exhibits and constructions on ordered unequipped Exhibition area. Exhibitor is fully responsible for allocated constructions.

Exhibitor (or contractor) who install stand independently, are required to provide certificates for equipment and materials they use for installation works. Not later, than a day before Exhibition opening should be granted an Act of measuring the insulation resistance of electrical supply network, made by specialized organization. In case of such Acts’ absence as well in case of certificates for electrical facilities lack, Exhibitor’s stand cannot be connected to power network.

If Exhibitor uses wall panels of neighboring stand (allocate there exhibits and posters etc.), then an Exhibitor have to pay a rental cost of these panels to Organizer.

If Exhibitor (or contractor) installs wall stands along the bounds of ordered unequipped Exhibition area, it is obligatory to ensure that the outer panel site is clean and white.

After Exhibition ending Exhibitor (or contractor who carried stand installation) have to leave a floor without damages, glue residues, adhesive tape, etc.

12. Rent of Exhibition area in outdoor area (from 12 m2)

Exhibitor ordered an Exhibition area in outdoor area, is provided directly with an ordered Exhibition area. This cost does not include: electricity supplement, connection of engineering and communication networks, furniture and other equipment, exposition security. All these services can be provided by Organizer and have to be paid separately. Technical plan of Exposition must be submitted not later than 30 days before installation works’ begin.

Organizer has a right, previously informing an Exhibitor, to move an Exhibition area in outdoor area, to comply fire regulations, sanitary, epidemiological and technical safety, as well as if it will require visitors’ interests.

13. Elevated works

Works related to hanging up of banners, posters and other advertising constructions, performs a specialized company “Exposvit” on the instructions of Organizer. Exhibitor who want to hang up any constructions on the overhead fortifications of the Exhibition Hall, have to provide Organizer not later than 30 days before installation works’ begin the following information: number of “points” for construction fortification, weight, size and attaching point of construction.

There must be at least two “points” for construction attachment in order to prevent rotation around its own axis. Suspended constructions are placed directly above the Exhibitor’s stand, within the boundaries of ordered Exhibition area. Allocation of suspended constructions above the lane and above other Exhibitors’ stands is prohibited.

Organizer is not liable, if suspended construction (banner, poster) of one Exhibitor shields a suspended construction of another Exhibitor. In return, Organizer will place efforts to avoid such situations, upon condition, that Exhibitors will timely provide information about their suspended constructions.

14. Information provision by Exhibitor

Exhibitors from CIS countries feed information into official Exhibition Catalog in Russian and English. Information size is up to 800 characters, including spacing. In case, when Exhibitor failed to provide information till deadline stated below, Organizer has a right not to conclude it to Exhibition Catalog. Information for Catalog should be given in format *.doc (Microsoft Word); logos in format *.ai, *.eps (Adobe Illustrator); additional advertising in format *.qxd, *.tif, *.eps (Photoshop DCS 1.0) with sample of visual image, authenticated by signature of director. Information for official Exhibition Catalog should be provided by Exhibitor to Organizer not later than 30 days before Exhibition beginning. Also not later than 30 days before Exhibition begin, the Exhibitor is obliged to provide information for registration badges. Organizer provides Exhibitor a number of badges depending on ordered stand area:

stand 6-12 m2 – 3 badges,

stand 13-21 m2 – 5 badges,

stand 22-50 m2 – 7 badges,

stand with more than 50 m2 – 10 badges.

Each additional badge is to be paid separately. Price of one additional badge is 3 EUR. Employees are required to wear badges continuous during the Exhibition opening hours.

15. Placement of additional advertising and information

Exhibitors, as well as organizations that do not participate at Exhibition, can allocate an additional advertising of own organization in Catalog, in Exhibition Hall and on website of Exhibition. Payment for these services has to be carried out before the Exhibition begins. Information is fed into Organizer’s department for marketing and advertising, not later than 30 days before beginning of Exhibition.

16. Advertising at Exhibition

Placement of Exhibitor’s advertising outside ordered Exhibition area is carried out only after agreement with Organizer and appropriate payment. Exhibitor has no right to promote any other Exhibition without consent of Organizer.

17. Responsibility

Exhibitor is solely responsible for compliance of current legislation of Ukraine on Exhibition, “Rules of fire safety in Ukraine” and “Rules for fire safety on international Exhibitions”.

Exhibitor has no right to:

– connect independently own equipment and exhibits to power sources and other utilities that are not wound up on the Exhibitor’s stand;

– allocate independently advertising and information constructions, if it requires work on height;

– paste up independently any flyers and posters in Exhibition Hall beyond ordered Exhibition area, without Organizer’s permission;

– perform independently in Exhibition Hall any paint, carpentry and plumbing, welding, electrical and other types of works, that may cause financial damages to Exhibition Center, other Exhibitors or to cause obvious discomfort to Organizer, Exhibitors and visitors of Exhibition;

– Exhibitor is prohibited to relinquish or to convey an ordered Exhibition area, in whole or in part, to any third parties, both private and representatives of organizations, without a separate Agreement with Organizer;

– smoke in Exhibition Hall, except special designated areas for that.

In case of violation of above mentioned points, Exhibitor has to pay for all damages and penalties, constituting 200% of costs for such services.

18. Exhibitor obligations

1. Timely inform the contractors, conducting the loading works, about necessity of accreditation in Exhibition Center and corresponding agreement with engineer for safety regulations.

2. In case of financial prejudice to location or property of Exhibition Hall, these damages have to be compensated within 5 business days, according to Act, which captures these losses, compiled and signed by authorized representatives of the parties.

3. Do not use on stands playback and sound-amplifying equipment, as well as musical instruments and devices that interfere with normal work of the Exhibition.

4. Meet the requirements of Organizer towards equipment’s volume level on stand.

5. Before Exhibition starting to agree with Organizer a time frame for equipment’s operation, in case of its demonstration in working process on stand.

In case of non-fulfillment of the requirements, bespoken in sub-sections 18.3-18.5, Organizer has a right to turn off the power on stand without any compensation to Exhibitor for possible losses.

19. Claims and decision of disagreements

Claims against Exhibition’s Organizer are accepted only written form within 5 days after Exhibition ending. Claims submitted later will not be accepted. If Organizer and Exhibitor can’t reach an agreement within 20 days, then disputed matter will be submitted to International Commercial Arbitration Court at Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, whose decision is required on both sides.

20. Additional information:

Custom processing of cargo is carried out by:

NC Expocenter of Ukraine 1, Acad. Hlushkov Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine
Realization of goods on the Exhibition shall take place in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine and preliminary agreement with Organizer of Exhibition.

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